“The Behind Happy Faces Curriculum fills a critical gap in our campus mental health promotion efforts. Whereas we have excellent counseling services and strong suicide prevention and gatekeeper training, we need a broad-based method to engage large populations of students in recognizing mental health as an essential component of their learning experience. Behind Happy Faces makes thinking deeply about mental health approachable. It speaks through personal stories, conceptual frameworks, and engagement modules that meet students where they are and compels them to take proactive steps to promote their own and their friends’ positive mental health.”

~Susie Brubaker-Cole, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Oregon State University

“A broad range of UC Irvine students benefited from Behind Happy Faces. Graduate students, student athletes and undergraduate members of student organizations all shared how the curriculum helped them and opened communication about a topic that most people hide. Behind Happy Faces provides an opportunity for students to explore further growth in all areas of emotional development from personal struggles to issues with identity. It’s a powerful and effective curriculum!”

~Doug Everhart, Director, Health Education Center, University of California at Irvine

“The Behind Happy Faces mental health curriculum is a great way to empower students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to address mental health issues in their lives and on their campuses.  The lesson plans are clear and easy to use and the materials provided make implementing the program simple enough that first time student presenters can do it with minimal staff assistance. The videos make the concepts come alive and encourage personal reflection and sharing.   Ross is smart, engaging and well prepared.  I recommend this program to every college campus.”

~Karen “Casey” Carr, Associate Dean of Students, Cornell University

“Having the opportunity to incorporate components of the Behind Happy Faces curriculum into our 2015 Duke Greek Emerging Leaders (DGEL) program was phenomenal. The exercises truly resonated with our Greek students. As leaders in our Greek community, they learned the importance of maintaining open communication and approaching their interactions with others in an empathetic way.”

~Duke University Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

“Peer involvement is one of the most important parts of mental health education. Behind Happy Faces utilizes this crucial element to allow students to feel connected to each other, and have conversations in a safe, empowering and creative manner. Students learn the basics of mental health, which better prepares them to address their emotions.”

~Alison Malmon, Founder and Executive Director, Active Minds Inc.

“We used Behind Happy Faces at a retreat for young leaders and it was one of their favorite parts of the conference. The curriculum gave young people a chance to share more about their personal lives, while also learning how to manage their mental health. This topic can often be the most difficult to address, but Behind Happy Faces makes it easy and relatable. We’re proud to partner with Human Power Project to change the way young people view mental health.”

~Cynthia Germanotta, President, Born This Way Foundation

“Behind Happy Faces deepens the emotional bond in our chapters, urges members to seek help earlier and provides invaluable advice on how to support each other. Overall, this curriculum prompts members to have conversations about a difficult topic that is often hidden. These conversations will ultimately save lives.”

~Carolyn Hof Carpenter, National Council President, Zeta Tau Alpha

“Behind Happy Faces is an exceptional program for student athletes, it helps them learn to communicate as a team, help one another and more importantly help themselves. Our student athletes felt that the program was impactful and have made it a point to mention the benefits to their teammates. As a staff member attending the program it helps us know how to help our student athletes be the best individuals they can be and know that at the end of the day they are cared for. I would recommend this program for all universities.”

~Alexis McDonald, Academic / Life Skills Coordinator, UC Irvine Athletics

“Behind Happy Faces created an environment for students to have a new level of sensitivity toward each other and the topic of mental health. This curriculum will be a highlight of their year.”

~Emily Vaughn-Counselor-Marlborough School