Our Curriculum


Curriculum developed by Human Power Project uses a two part system to teach these vital lessons.  The program utilizes short, highly creative, engaging videos to expose people to the information necessary for understanding mental health.  The lesson plans that follow each video have been constructed to maximize retention, and improve people’s emotional relationships to themselves and others.

Over 70,000 high school and college students are utilizing Behind Happy Faces. The curriculum is being used at numerous colleges including; Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, UC Irvine and Oregon State University. Behind Happy Faces is also used at some of the top private high schools in New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles and by two public school districts in California. The NCAA is overseeing a pilot study of the curriculum for student athletes at 6 universities.

The curriculum offers videos, PowerPoint lesson plans, facilitator guides, and monitoring and evaluation tools that can be used in high schools, colleges, or youth groups.  Click here to learn more about Behind Happy Faces!