One Thing We Miss When We Talk About Suicide

My life wasn’t magically easier after I was released from the psychiatric ward for a suicide attempt. The intervention was done. I wasn’t actively trying to harm myself, but I was far from safe. During the 4 years after my discharge, I went through the extremes of bipolar disorder, anger control problems and psychosis. I abused alcohol heavily and had a lot of “unintentional” near death experiences. Rock bottom came when I binge drank too much vodka and passed out for 22 hours. I woke up the next day, looked in the mirror and started to cry. In that moment […] Read More

We Need to do More Than Post About Robin Williams

I attempted to take my own life during my senior year of high school. Two months after I got out of the psychiatric ward, a psychologist came into my classroom to talk to students about mental illness. He told us about a patient with severe mental illness who thought he was Winnie the Pooh and another patient he picked up at an airport who was waiting for a plane to Venus. As he told these stories, every student in my class was laughing. I had endured months of rumors, lost friends because of my attempt and been ridiculed for having […] Read More


Human Power Project

I am excited to be launching the Human Power Project! This project is the culmination of my life’s work. For 8 years I traveled around the country as the Director of Outreach for the National Mental Health Awareness Campaign. I spoke to over 1 million people, trained speakers, created awareness programs, and listened to endless stories about mental health. Then I burned out. The constant travel, emotional outpouring, and not feeling like I was balanced caught up to me. I did what anyone does when they burn out. I joined the Peace Corps! There’s nothing more relaxing than living in a […] Read More