Human Power Project  focuses on our greatest strengths. The ability to learn from our emotions, re-wire our brains, and adapt to the changes in our lives. This company is committed to developing the most cutting edge mental health curriculum, in order to help people reach their full potential.

50% of people experience their first episode with a mental health disorder by age 18. 75% of people experience their first episode by age 24. We know that the earlier someone seeks help, the higher chance they have of finding a successful treatment plan. Having a successful system for one’s mental health gives them a higher chance of being productive and reduces the likelihood of developing ineffective coping mechanisms.

Human Power Project creates programs to meet people where they are. We are building curriculums to normalize the concept of mental health and not isolate mental illness. We show people through our work, that the brain is a part of our body and needs attention. With advancements in technology and medicine, we know almost all there is to know about our external bodies. The next frontier will be to learn about the internal. Human Power Project is contributing to the mental health evolution.